cleanspl.exe – Print Spooler Cleaner

If you’ve experienced problems with the spoolsv.exe crashing on your system, or you have been running into issues with printing in general, the cleanspl.exe tool provided by Microsoft may be able to solve your problems.

I have run into issues with HP Laserjet printers, specifically the 10xx models, causing the print spooler on Windows XP to crash.  This tool was easily able to resolve the issue, even after a Windows CD repair did not work.

Please make sure you are informed before using this utility as it has the ability to edit your registry.  Always make backups before performing system changes!

To download the file directly, please follow the link below:

[ – 34.5KB]

The file is part of the Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit Tools provided by Microsoft.  They are provided directly from Microsoft by following the link below:

[file hosted @ – 11.8MB]