Fix Blocked Java

Due to recent security issues Java has changed the way their web plugin functions. However many websites required older, different versions of Java and therefore it is essential to allow these older versions to still run. Below I’ve outlined the steps necessary to allow these older versions access.

First, you must open your Java Control Panel.

Click on the Start Button and type the following: configure

Then, click on the Configure Java shortcut as displayed below.


From this Control Panel you will need to make a change to the Security tab as depicted. Lower the security level to medium. This will allow all java applications to run after the display of a security prompt to confirm.


EFF HTTPS Everywhere

Honest PC Help doesn’t advocate for any particular product or vendor but we do maintain a concern for our customers privacy and security. The Electronic Frontier Foundation, a leading organization in keeping the Internet free, has released a few custom browser plugins that force the use of HTTPS when possible. HTTPS creates a secure connection over an insecure network, in this case, the Internet. By forcing your browser to use HTTPS when available you are ensuring that your private information is protected from snooping and other intrusive behavior.

The HTTPS Everywhere plugin provided by the EFF is a great tool that any web savvy user should have installed. The download and installation information can be found below. They’ve also recently released a plugin for Firefox on Android. We hope you find this tool useful and please provide any feedback you feel is necessary. Safe browsing.