Windows Desktop – Sound Fix

Just recently I encountered a very random, seemingly odd issue related to sound and a Windows 7 desktop. I initially tested the speakers to ensure they worked and then I took a look at the desktop. The soundcard didn’t seem to be bad, neither was the integrated audio but I still couldn’t get the machine to play sound. After searching around on the Internet for awhile I encountered an easy fix that was mentioned a few times on various sites. The original article can be found here (

Please note that the following process will lower the security of your PC. For corporate customers this isn’t such a big deal but for personal users you want to ensure you have additional forms of security in place before you enabled these settings.

At a secure command prompt please type the following commands.

audio commands

If you ever want to revert the changes then just run the same commands, swapping delete for the add command to reverse the process.

Windows 7 Print Spooler Error Fix

The guide below demonstrates a simple fix for common Windows 7 print spool errors. If the print spooler error persists after troubleshooting there may be additional corruption within your OS or printer driver subsystem. As always, make sure you are using the most updated drivers available from your manufacturers website.


1] To begin, open up services.msc and STOP the print spooler service

2] Browse to c:\windows\system32\spool\PRINTERS using Windows Explorer
(If prompted by UAC click yes to approve opening the PRINTERS folder)

3] Delete ALL of the files located in the PRINTERS folder and then you can close Windows Explorer.

WARNING – Do NOT delete the PRINTERS folder itself

4] To finish, re-open services.msc and START the print spooler service